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FALL 2019


Foundation Level 1 (0 - 18 months)

 Do-Si-Do — Pick up your baby and dance. Dance the Charleston, the Tango, and the Cha-Cha and learn why dancing with your baby helps develop vital learning skills—from head-to-toe. In this class, play a variety of baby appropriate instruments, a dance with fun props.

Home Materials: CD with 28 songs from class, an instrument (the Kindermusik eggshaker), a scarf, This Is My Dance picture/board book with lilting move-to-it rhyming text, and a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy. 

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$162.00 - 8 week class! ($12 per class after cost of materials)

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  • Please mail in a non refundable check for $65.00 per child for our Foundation Level 1 classes (to be applied to semesters tuition) or full tuition made payable to Clarkston Conservatory of Music.

  • Full payments can be made directly with PayPal @ www.clarkstonconservatory.com.

  • The deposit you send in is to cover your child's materials for their class. Materials will be opened by the instructors to prepare prior to class and cannot be returned to Kindermusik International.

  • Physical home materials are required by Kindermusik International and are nonrefundable.

  • If you sign up multiple children under different instructors please write individual checks for each child. If the child is with the same instructor one check is fine.

  • Mail registration and deposit to Giselle Graham, Buffie Dumas, April Boucke' or Ivy Khouri

  • The Clarkston Conservatory of Music
    Attn: Giselle, Buffie, April, or Ivy
    49 S. Main Street
    Clarkston, Michigan 48346

  • Tuition balance is due the first day of class. Monthly payments are an option. Ask your Kindermusik Instructor for our monthly payment option.

  • 10% discount off your tuition for enrolling more than one child (discount is applied toward the second child lower tuition

  • Grandparents and nanny's are welcome to attend class with your child.

  • No Classes Evening of October 31st (Halloween) November 28-30 (Thanksgiving weekend)

  • If you need to switch your child to another class it must be done 2 weeks prior to class. No switching once classes begin! Switching classes with the same instructor may be possible as long as the class you need is not FULL.

  • Please call the conservatory (1.248.625.3640) with any questions or email Giselle Graham

  • Classes fill up quickly! 10 Students per class! Sign Up NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2- make up classes per family is available anytime during the current session & must be completed before this session ends. We do not roll over make up classes to another session. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please read all information before your Kindermusik classes begin & click on print button below. Please bring a copy of the registration to the first day of class with parents signature attached. Thank you!